Hi gals & welcome to SITS!!

Before I kick off this blog, it may make sense to give a bit of background on me…

I am 26 years old and currently living in London. Having reached a point (mid-20’s crisis perhaps) in which I am feeling not-so-passionate about my current career path, combined with being young, single & commitment-free, I have taken the executive decision to move to Sydney for a year.

I have created this blog to share my experiences with you – I am hoping that this will be a positive space, in which I can record my dating, socialising, wining, dining and exploration of Sydney & beyond.

I am going to keep this blog anonymous, as I am pretty sure my colleagues and potential future husband(s) needn’t know about my dating escapades; the good, the bad and as is often the case, the just down right bizarre.

Ps. It has not gone unnoticed that this acronym, when reshuffled spells STI’S..but I assure you I will be keeping this blog a clean, PG-13, dating diary machine.

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