Leaving London

Having booked my one-way flight to Sydney in May & becoming aware that I had 4 months on the clock in London, I found that I acquired a new lease on life with a heightened appreciation of everything – my living situation, my friends and London itself. Consequently, this lead to a mind-set in which I was unable to decline any social occasion or opportunity to spend time (/get extremely loose) with all of my friends; forever keeping in mind that this was my final summer in the big smoke for some time, so one mustn’t be a boring betch.

As a result of this – I didn’t hit the gym once, I went out nearly every night, ate what I wanted, smoked and drank more than any gal should…. And I had potentially the best summer yet. So great in fact, that I would be lying if I didn’t confess that I had moments where I thought WHAT AM I ACTUALLY DOING – moving across the world to a place where I have zero m8s, no confirmed accommodation and limited funds. But alas, it is all part of the adventure!

I can’t help but think that this is the way one should live life anyway, making the most of everything that the city you live in has to offer and opening yourself up to new experiences, rather than becoming complacent and keeping things low key.

Having said that, I can confirm that it yields both poor and porky results – at the beginning of the summer I had affectionately nicknamed my ‘prosecco pouch’ and by September, I felt somewhat more like Henry the Eighth. My bank was also a sorry state of affairs.fatb

However, my buxom physique and pitiful bank statement told a beautiful tale of an extremely fun summer… & I rolled on to the aircraft for Australia with zero regrets.. ordered a red vino, opened several gorgeous letters from my best friends, wept and then slept for the entire 24-hour flight – no sleeping pill required – due to sheer exhaustion. Also, possibly because I was out until 5.30am on the Tuesday evening morning of my flight, having a love-in with my numero unos… all of whom had work the following morning. THANKS GALS MISS YOU ALREADY.


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